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Inside Java : Java myths – fact versus fiction

Java actually holds a lot more potential than many people realize. It’s more than just applets – Java software can run inside a web server, or standalone. However, Java isn’t the only programming language around, and it’s wise to learn at least the basics of a language like C++, Visual Basic, or Delphi. Java applets are secure, and won’t delete your hard drive. And if you find that applets aren’t working properly in one browser but do in another, consider using the Java Plug-in.

Inside Java : The Java Virtual Machine

The Java Virtual Machine provides a platform-independent way of executing code, by abstracting the differences between operating systems and CPU architectures. Java Runtime Environments are available for a wide variety of hardware and software combinations, making Java a very portable language. Programmers can concentrate on writing software, without having to be concerned with how or where it will run. The idea of virtual machines is nothing new, but Java is the most widely used virtual machine used today. Thanks to the JVM, the dream of Write Once-Run Anywhere (WORA) software has become a reality.

Inside Java : The Java Programming Language

Java provides developers with many advantages. While most of these are present in other languages, Java combines all of these together into one language. The rapid growth of Java has been nothing short of phenomenal, and shows no signs (yet!) of slowing down. In next month’s column, I’ll talk more about the heart of Java – the Java Virtual Machine.

What Makes a Good Programming Language?

What Is a Programming Language? Programming languages, like spoken languages, are ways of communicating ideas. When two people who know the same language talk, they’re able to understand each other because they both know the

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