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The Single Java Object: Introducing the Singleton

A singleton is an class that can be instantiated once, and only once. This is a fairly unique property, but useful in a wide range of object designs. Creating an implementation of the singleton pattern is fairly straightforward – simple block off access to all constructors, provide a static method for getting an instance of the singleton, and prevent cloning.

10 Most Useful Java Best Practice Quotes for Java Developers

Quote 1: Avoid creating unnecessary objects and always prefer to do Lazy Initialization Object creation in Java is one of the most expensive operation in terms of memory utilization and performance impact. It is thus

Java Programming: A more comprehensive example

// import javax.swing.JOptionPane; public class OddEven { // “input” is the number that the user gives to the computer private int input; // a whole number(“int” means integer) /* * This is the constructor

Is Java driving you loopy?

There are three basic building blocks of programming :- sequence selection iteration Most programmers will be familiar with sequence. A sequence of programming statements are executed one after the other. For example, the following two

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